A special Ramadan Invitation for you, your family & friends!

Celebrating and sharing the blessings of Ramadan in your cities favorite cafes and eateries offering scrumptious Iftar Platters and Buffet Dinner with delicious Chinese, Pakistani, Japanese and Continental dishes, desserts and beverages! Come enjoy this holy month with us with your friends and families!

Cocochan Pan-Asian Restaurant We Are Open For Sehri!
This Ramadan join us for an ethereal Sehri Buffet @ Cocochan, Karachi for Rs. 990+tax from 11 pm till 2 am!
Cafe Costa Irresistible Ramadan Iftar Buffet Menu!
Indulge in an irresistible IFTAR BUFFET DINNER experience in this holy month of Ramadan @ Cafe Costa, Lahore offering a selection of 55 plus dishes to choose from in just Rs. 1235+tax!
Cafe Costa We Are Open For Sehri!
We have prepared an elaborate Sehri Buffet for you @ Cafe Costa, Lahore! Join us refreshing sehri drinks, lassi and fruit juices, a selection of mushroom, cheese and vegetable olive omelets, burgers, panini, creammy salads and desserts! Nashat menu consists of Chicken Tikka, Chicken Kaba, Chicken Qorma, Baked Chicken, Pepper Steaks, Turkish Shakshuka, Fajita Pizza, Chicken Buryani served with your choice of plain paratha, roghni nan or toast! Sehri Buffet Price Rs. 775+tax daily from 1:45 am till Fajar!
Burger O'Clock Ramadan Delights Starting Rs. 549 Only!
Presenting special treats this Ramadan for all our lovely fans! Enjoy our Chick N Crisp Burger with a choice of One Side of 6 pcs Wings or 5 pcs Finger Chicken or 1 Gourmet Fries with a drink in just Rs. 549 only! Enjoy Two Fire Bird Burgers with One Side of 6 pcs Wings or 5 pcs Finger Chicken or 1 Gourmet Fries with a two drinks in just Rs. 999 only! Enjoy Two Premium Burgers with One Side of 6 pcs Wings or 5 pcs Finger Chicken or 1 Gourmet Fries with two drinks in just Rs. 1299 only!
Bonsai Pan Asian Oriental Ramadan Iftar Buffet Dinner Menu!
Enjoy a delicious Oriental Ramadan Iftar Buffet Dinner Menu @ Bonsai, Karachi with hot soups, appetizing appetizers with all you can eat Sushi and Salad bars and an assortment of sweet desserts! Our main course consists of Hot & Spicy Basil Chicken, Spicy Crispy Beef, Deep Fried Whole Fish in Tamarind Sauce, Sweet & Spicy Seasme Chicken, Thai Red Curry, Szecuhan Mix Chowmein served with plain steamed or egg fried or vegetable fried rice! Buffet Price Rs. 1999+tax [adults] and Rs. 999+tax [kids].
Sky BBQ - Avari Tower BBQ Iftar Buffet @ Sky BBQ!
Experience the best of BBQ @ Sky BBQ, Avari Tower, Karachi and indulge in a delectable BBQ Iftar Buffet with an assortment of Pakistani dishes in just Rs. 2450+tax.
Bar B.Q Tonight Karachi's Favourite Ramadan Iftar Buffet!
May this month prove to be an exceptional one, filled with delicious food and lots of good fortune! Savour the unique combination of cuisines this Ramadan @ Bar B.Q Tonight, Karachi with signature BBQ, Pakistani and Chinese dishes to choose from in just Rs.1800+tax!
Domino's Pizza - The Pizza Delivery Experts Ramadan Holw Sweet Deals!
Celebrating Ramadan @ Domino's Pizza with Holy Sweet Deals! Enjoy a Medium Pizza with two drinks in just Rs. 949, Two Medium Pizzas with 1.5 litter drink in just Rs. 1799 and Two Large Pizzas with 1.5 litter drink in just Rs. 2,299! Add any dessert for an additional Rs. 199 only! For FREE HOME DELIVERY contact 111-366-466!
La Atrium Restaurant Lahore's Biggest Iftar & Sehri Buffet Menu!
Celebrate your Iftar parties with us! In the blessed month of Ramadan Kareem, La Atrium offering the most lavish Iftar and Sehr Buffet Menu including delectable salads, starters, desserts, Pakistani, BBQ, Chinese, Thai and Continental cuisine! With a wide variety of dishes in best prices, we are serving 30+ dishes for Seher in just Rs. 999+tax and 50+ dishes for Iftar in just Rs. 1499+tax!
Lal Qila Traditional Iftar Buffet Dinner @ Lal Qila, Lahore!
Enjoy Iftar like never before @ Lal Qila, Lahore! Bringing together a scrumptious Iftar and Buffet Dinner menu of traditional Pakistani BBQ dishes in just Rs. 1675 [adults] and Rs. 840 [kids] inclusive of all taxes. For reservations contact 042-35941242.
One Potato Two Potato - OPTP Ramadan Special Take Away, Delivery & Dine-In Offer!
OPTP presents a selection of deals to make your Ramadan Iftar special! Try our Ramadan Burger Deal featuring ANY 4 SINGLE OPTP BURGERS in just Rs. 990 or go for our Ramadan Chicken Deals featuring 2 PIECE LEG QUARTER in just Rs. 290 and 3 PIECE BREAST QUARTER in just Rs. 390! For FREE DELIVERY contact 111-116-787!
Asia Live Avari Towers International Iftar Buffet Menu - Rs. 3,195+tax!
Welcome to Karachi's biggest Iftar Buffet Dinner extravaganza! Avari Towers, Karachi presents an International Iftar Buffet Dinner Menu with original taste of delectable cuisines from around the world @ Asia Live Restaurant for just Rs. 3,195+tax only!
Babujees Restaurant - Port Grand Ramadan Blessing In Full Swing!
Fast & Feast like never before! Enjoy a Grand Iftar Buffet Dinner @ Babujees Restaurant, Port Grand, with over 30 dishes, drinks and desserts to choose from for Rs. 900 inclusive of all taxes!
Pizza Hut All You Can Eat Pizza Buffet in Rs. 999!
ALL YOU CAN EAT Ramadan Special Offer Is BACK! Indulge in Unlimited Pizzas, Salad, Garlic Bread and Pepsi for Rs.999 only! So, hit your nearest Pizza Hut restaurant and eat your hearts out!
Pizza Hut Ramadan Doubles Delivery Offer!
In this blessed month of Ramadan, Pizza Hut has prepared something special for home delivery! Enjoy RAMADAN DOUBLES delivery offer with 2 Personal Pan Pizzas and 2 Small Dinks in just Rs. 699! So what are you waiting for pick up the phone and place your order!
McDonald's Pakistan Sharing Happiness in the Blessed Month of Ramadan!
McDonald's Pakistan is celebrating the biggest Ramadan Feast with exciting Iftar VALUE SHARE BAGS! Enjoy a McChicken with spicy wings, regular fries and medium drink in just Rs. 495 only. Spicy McCrispy with spicy wings, regular fries and medium drink in just Rs. 595. Or go for the Family Bag with 2 Chicken Capli, 2 Spicy Chicken Burgers with spicy wings, 2 regular fries and 4 regular drinks in just Rs. 1095 only! So come to McDonalds today to break your fast and enjoy the feast!
Bella Vita Sehri Blessings @ Bella Vita!
Bella Vita is Open for Sehri! Enjoy a complimentary Pizza with all orders of Rs. 1,500 and above exclusively available in the holy month of Ramadan from 11 pm till Sehri!
YUM - Chinese & Thai Restaurant Chinese-Thai Iftar Buffet Menu!
Join us for a delectable Chinese-Thai Iftar Buffet Menu @ YUM, Islamabad offering a variety of traditional drinks with iftar delicacies including assorted dates, fruit chaat and dahi bhalay, prawn and fish tempura, chicken drumsticks, hot soups, chicken manchurian, black pepper chicken, beef chilli dry, thai green curry, gai phad prik sod, khow phad gai, egg fried rice, chicken chowmein and a selection of desserts in just Rs. 2150+tax!
14th Street Pizza Co. Pizza Iftar & Sehri Deals Starting As Low As Rs. 399!
Yes folks 14th Street Pizza brings the best Pizza Iftar Offer this Ramadan! Serving 1 hungry tummy in Rs. 399 featuring a slice of 20 incher pizza with small drink. Serving 2 hungry tummies in Rs. 899 featuring 10 incher pizza with full serving of sideline and 2 small drinks. Serving 4 hungry tummies in Rs. 1299 featuring 15 incher pizza with full serving of sideline and 1.5 liter drink. Serving 6 hungry tummies in Rs. 2399 featuring 20 incher pizza with two full servings of cheesy bread and 2.5 liter drink. Valid from Iftaar till sehri! Order now!
Slamvich Special Ramadan Iftar Offer!
This Ramadan we have packages a very special offer for you @ Slamvich Karachi! Choose between Meat-n-Melt or The Davinci Slam with a serving of fries and a drink in just Rs. 549 only. Exclusive offer valid throughout Ramadan only!
Pearl Continental Hotel - PC Hotel Sweet & Savoury Ramadan @ PC Hotel Restaurants!
Ramadan is a month to rejuvenate your spirit and cleanse your soul! Celebrate Ramadan with a variety of sweet and savoury Iftar and Sehri menu @ PC Hotel Restaurants nationwide! RAWALPINDI = Serving Ramadan Iftar @ Marco Polo for Rs. 1150+tax and Marquee for Rs. 1890+tax and serving Sehri Buffet at Bukhara for Rs. 1250+tax! KARACHI = Serving Iftar Buffet @ Marquee for Rs. 2600+tax and Marco Polo for Rs. 1000+tax and serving Sehri Buffet at Marco Polo for Rs. 1500+tax. LAHORE = Serving Iftar Buffet @ Shahi Khema for Rs. 2400+tax and Marco Polo for Rs. 2500+tax and serving Sehri at Marco Polo for Rs. 1450+tax. BHURBAN = Iftar Buffet at Pool Lawn for Rs. 2199+tax and Sehri Buffet at Terrace Cafe for Rs. 1275+tax! Make your reservations today!
Ming Court Chinese Restaurant Chinese Ramadan Buffet Dinner!
Serving your favourite Chinese Iftar Buffet @ Ming Court for Rs. 799+tax from iftar till 9 pm!
Fuchsia Fuchsia Ramadan Iftar Menu for Rs. 2245+tax!
Fuchsia, Karachi offers a delectable Ramadan Iftar Buffet Menu for Rs. 2245+tax! Starting with a delicious Iftar Thai Specials of Spicy Spinach and Shrimp Fritters, Thai Vegeable Spring Rolls, Grilled Chicken Skewers, Honey Glazed Chicken Wings, Spicy Coconut Fish, Fried Onion Rings and Prawn Toasts to Salads and Mains including Grilled Beef Salad, Stir Fried Beef in Oyster Sauce, Red Curry Chicken, Chicken Cashew Nuts, Chili Fish, Green Curry Chicken, Red Curry Chicken and a variety of desserts and hot beverages.
Cafe Aylanto Iftar Buffet Menu @ Cafe Aylanto Karachi!
Come join us for the freshest and most delicious Ramdan Iftar Buffet @ Cafe Aylanto Karachi featuring iftari special starters, salads, fetuccino prawn pasta, penne arrabita, moroccon chicken, sole mediterranean, Tarragon Chicken, Margarita Pizza, Grilled Fillet of Beef served with assorted bread and butter, seasoned vegetables, brown rice, desserts and hot beverages in just Rs. 2995+tax!
Elemento Caffe Ramadan Iftar Ala Carte Menu!
Enjoy a scrumptious Ramadan Iftar Ala Carte Menu @ Elemento Cafe, Karachi! Enjoy our delicious Iftar Starter Platter of sikanabeen, chicken wings, chicken strips, prawn tempura and Russian salad with a choice of one from the main course entrees of Creamy Mushroom Steak, Black Pepper Chicken, Tarragon Chicken, Moroccon Chicken, Jalapeno Chicken, Mushroom Chicken Burger, Jalapeno Chicken Burger, Grilled Chicken Sandwich, Caesar Wrap, Arabiatta Penne Pasta, Alfredo Pasta in just Rs. 890+tax!
Daar Cheeni Reunite With Friends & Family for Sehri & Iftaar Buffet!
The Month of Ramadan is Holiest and Most Awaited Islamic Month. Daar Cheeni, Lahore once again keeping their tradition alive brings you a lavish menu for Sehri and Iftar. Reunite with your friends and family and revive the traditions of the Holy Month of Ramadan with our Iftar Dinner Buffet for Rs. 1695+tax and Sehri Buffet on Friday, Saturday and Sunday for Rs. 995+tax.
Chaaye Khana Iftar Buffet Dinner @ Chaaye Khana, Lahore!
Join us in this holy month of Ramadan @ Chaaye Khana, M.M Alam Road, Gulberg, Lahore for a delectable variety of traditional Iftar buffet menu for Rs. 1299+tax!
New York Coffee 20% OFF on Main Course Sehri Special Deal!
Join us for Sehri @ New York Coffee, Karachi and enjoy a delicious FLAT 20% OFF on Main Course! Valid from 1 am till Sehri throughout the month of Ramadan!
Cafe Zouk Iftar Buffet Menu @ Cafe Zouk Lahore!
Enjoy a delicious Iftar Buffet Menu @ Cafe Zouk Lahore for as low as Rs. 1799+tax! Presenting a selection of Continental and Thai dishes including Casbah Chicken, Chicken Peppericana, Chicken Spinach Milano, Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo, Penne Pasta with chicken and mozzarella, Thai Chicken with Black Bean sauce, Thai Chicken Chili Dry, Mandarin Chicken, Thai Chicken Mint, Thai Chicken Cashewnut, Thai Beef, Thai Fish Chili Dry served with a selection of fried rice, desserts, traditional iftar platter of dates, savory snacks and cold refreshing beverages!
Salt n Pepper Village Live Buffet Iftar Buffet Dinner!
Salt n Pepper Village, Karachi brings Live Buffet Iftar cum Dinner with a selection of traditional Pakistani BBQ dishes for Rs. 1595+tax from Iftar till 9 pm and Sehri nashta buffet for Rs. 795+tax on every Saturday and Sunday, 2 am onwards! Make your booking today!
Tao - Pan Asian Cuisine The Most Awaited Pan Asian Ramdan Iftar Buffet!
Yes folk like every year TAO brings a most delectable Pan Asian Ramadan Iftar Buffet Menu in Karachi for Rs. 1790+tax! Break your fast with a selection of iftar platter of dates, lemonade and fruit salad, soups and starters with an assortment of main course entrees including Stir Fried Chicken in Sweet & spicy Basil Oyster Sauce, Chicken in SPicy Szechuan Sauce, Crispy Beef in Spicy Chili Paste with Kaffir Lime Leaves, Mangolian Beef, Fish in Red Peppercorn Sauce, Tuna Teppanyaki, Stir Fried Vegetables, Vegetable Chowmein, Egg Fried and Garlic Rice! Served with a selection of desserts and hot and cold beverages!
The Deli Ramadan Ala Carte Menu Rs. 2,500!
A delectable Ramadan Ala Carte Menu @ The Deli, Karachi! Welcome drinks include lemondae and sinkanjabeen with all you can eat starter buffet of dates, flafel, hummus, izmeh, pita, samosa, seasonal fruits, mini pizzas. Choose from a selection of main course dishes including Florentine Ravioli, Grilled Chicken Escalope with Peppercorn Sauce, Pan Seared Sole with Lemon Butter Saucem Bell Peppers & Cherry Tomatoes, Stir Fry Khausuey, Kungpao Beef, Steamed Rice! Served with Vanilla Panna Cotta, Chocolate Torte with Caramed and Creamy Kunafa in just Rs. 2,500!
Dunkin Donuts Ramadan Special Offers Starting Rs. 380 Only!
Eat and Save with Dunkin Donut's Special Ramadan Offers! CROISSANT SANDWICH, DONUT, DRINK & DATES in just Rs. 380 only. LONG JOHN SANDWICH, DONUT, DATES & ALASAKA CREAM COFFEE in just Rs. 470 only. 5 CROISSANT SANDWICHES, 5 DONUTS, 5 DRINKS & DATES in just Rs. 1600 only.
Spice Bazaar Come Celebrate Ramdan With Us!
Celebrate the blessings of Ramadan @ Spice Bazaar offering a delectable Pakistani Iftar Buffet Dinner for Rs. 2250+tax and Sehri Nashta Buffet for Rs. 1495+tax! Serving a selection of salads, traditional delicacies, variety of BBQ with refreshing lassi, juices and assorted desserts!
Savour Foods A Savoury Ramadan Iftar Platter!
Join us @ Savour Foods in Rawalpindi, Islamabad and Lahore to enjoy a savoury Iftar Platter of tasty dates, pakora, samosa, fries, fruits, chana chaat, raita and refreshing drinks in just Rs. 250+tax only!
Marriott Hotel Ramadan Treats @ Karachi Marriott!
Dine on flavourable buffet meals at our newly refurbished Grand Marquee this Ramadan! Experience the best Iftar Buffet in town in an exquisite enviornment with an arrray of speciality dishes and variety of desserts in just Rs. 2,600+tax and Sehri nashta buffet for Rs. 1,500+tax. For reservations please contact 021-111223344!
Istanbul Restaurant Turkish Iftar Dinner Buffet!
Enjoy a lavish Turkish Iftar Buffet Dinner @ Istanbul Restaurant, Islamabad! Indulge in delightful Turkish cuisine including Dum Pukht, Lahmacun, Turkish Pizza, Chicken Donor Kabab, Hummus with specially baked Turkish bread and an assortment of Turkish salads and desserts in just Rs. 1750 inclusive of tax!
Highland Resort A Grand Iftar Buffet Dinner Awaits You!
Join us @ Highland Resort, Islamabad in a peaceful and serene enviornment overlooking the majestic Daman-e-Koh and enjoy a mouthwatering Iftar Buffet Dinner serving a large variety of main course dishes including Chicken Malai Botii, Chicken Tikka, Chicken Seekh Kabab, Mutton Qirma, Chicken Hara Masala, Vegetable Biryani, Mongolian Beef, Vegetable Chowmein with rice and sauces and salads and an assortment of desserts and beverages in just Rs, 1,755+tax!
Habibi Restaurant Iftar Ramadan Packages startig Rs. 190+tax!
Capture the Taste of Ramadan @ Habibi Restaurant, Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Peshawar offering special Ramadan Packages for 1 person starting as low as Rs. 190+tax includes an asoortment of khajoor, dates, pakora and fresh fruits!
English Tea House Iftar & Sehr Buffet Menu @ English Tea House, Islamabad!
They say, your body is the only place you live in. So, eat right and stay fresh this Ramzan. English Tea House Islamabad offering an appetising Iftar Buffet Menu with Iftar Platter, Soups and Salads and a selection of main course meals including Finger Fish, Oven Roasted Chicken, Chicken Cashew Nuts, Grilled Moroccan Chicken, Beef Steak, Penne Alfredo Pasta wit garlic rice and sauteed vegetables and a variety of desserts in just Rs. 1,995+tax. We are open for Sehri with an incredible Nashta including desi and continental dishes, french toasts, croissant, assorted breads, lassi, matar qeema, beef nihari and much more in just Rs. 1,095+tax!
Des Pardes Restaurant Luxurious Iftar-o-Sehr Ramadan Buffet!
This Ramadan Des Pardes Restaurant, Saidour Islamabad has prepared a lavish spread for your Iftar and Sehr! Offering traditional Pakistani cuisine including mouthwatering appetizers, chatnees and salads with a selection of main course meals including Balochi Gosht, Bombay Biryani, Chicken Qorma, Reshmi Seekh Kabab, Chicken Tikka Boti, Grilled Chicken Steak with tandoori kulch, roti and nan and a variety of hot and cold beverages! Iftar Buffet for Rs. 1499+tax and Sehri Buffet for Rs. 799+tax!
China Town - Szechuan Cuisine Ramadan Special Chinese Iftar Buffet Dinner!
Enjoy a lavish Chinese Iftar Buffet Dinner @ Chine Town, Islamabad with family and friends in a cool ambiance and best service for Rs. 1,699+tax! Offering a delicious variety of dishes including dates, pakoras, samosas, chana chat and mint lemonade drinks followed by a scrumptious Iftar Buffet Dinner including a selection of hot soups, Tempura prawns, Kung Pao Chicken, Dry Beef & Chilli, Oyster Beef, Spicy Pepper Fish, Chicken Lasagna, Chicken Chowmin with Jasmine Rice and an assortment of desserts and hot beverages!
Chandni Chowk Restaurant The Largest Iftar-o-Sehr Buffet in Lahore!
Enjoy Sehr-o-Iftar @ Chandni Chowk Restaurant, Lahore! We have prepared the largest Sehr and Iftar Buffer in Lahore for you and your family! Iftar Buffet Rs. 1280+tax from Maghrib till 9 pm and Sehr Buffet for Rs. 935 from 12 am to Fajar!
Bar B.Q Tonight Iftar Buffet Extravaganza @ Bar B.Q Tonight Islamabad!
Celebrating the blessings of Ramadan @ Bar B.Q Tonight Islamabad! We have prepared an extravagant Iftar Buffet Dinner for you for Rs. 1190 [adults] and Rs. 750 [kids].
Cafe Chatterbox Ramadan Iftar Special Menu!
Portioned out perfectly for you! Enjoy our special Iftar Menu @ Cafe Chatterbox, Karachi this Ramzan. Starting with Iftari Platter of almond dates, chana chaat, cheese samosa, chicken skewer, sriracha chicken crostini with refreshing watermelon juice and mint lemonade. For the Main Course choose from Chicken Panini or Garlic Rice Bowl with Spicy Beef or Grilled Chicken with Moroccan Sauce or Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese. Finsih off with our tasteful desserts and hot beverages all for just Rs. 1,390+tax only!
Bella Vita Continental Iftar Buffet Menu @ Bella Vita!
Drop by @ Bella Vita, Karachi this Ramadan for delectable food wrapped in beauty and elegance! Offering a Continental Iftar Buffet Menu with Cream of Mushroom Soup, Apple Rocket Caramelize Salad, Fruit Salad, Spinach & Artichoke Dip, Sriracha Prawns, Chicken and Mushroom Casserole, Hummus, Baba Ganoush, Fattoush Salad, Bella Vita Chicken Sandwich, Chicken with Cashew Nuts, Jasmine Rice, Moroccan Chicken, Beef with Chimichurri Sauce, Pizza, Chicken Roulade with an assortment of desserts and beverages for as low as Rs. 1590 [adults] and Rs. 990 [kids].
Royal Palm Golf & Country Club Ramadan Iftar Feast @ The Royal Palm, Lahore!
Celebrate the Holy Month of Ramadan @ Royal Palm Golf & Country Club, Lahore! Offering a lavish Iftar Buffet Menu for Rs.1428+tax. Enjoy live Qawwali and gift hampers for lucky winners throughout the blessed month of Ramadan! For reservations and corporate booking please contact 042-111602602.
Kolachi Restaurant Iftar Buffet @ The Seaside, Kolachi Do Darya!
Experience breathtaking views of the sky and the seas and enjoy a tantalizing Ramadan Special Iftar Buffet Dinner @ Kolachi Do Darya Restaurant for Rs. 2390+tax only! For reservations contact 021-111111001!
Pizza Point Blessed Ramadan Offerings @ Pizza Point!
Celebrate Ramadan @ Pizza Point, Karachi with amazing iftar deals! Enjoy any 2 SMALL PIZZAS for Rs. 486+tax, any 2 REGULAR PIZZAS for Rs. 973+tax and any 2 LARGE PIZZAS for Rs. 1451+tax! For FREE DELIVERY CALL 021-111776468!
Pizza Max All You Can Eat & Drink Iftar Special!
In the Holy Month of Ramadan, join us for Sehr and Iftar with a mouthwatering ALL YOU CAN EAT & DRINK SPECIAL RAMADAN OFFER and eat your heart out with Unlimited Pizzas, Salads, and Drinks from our Menu! IFTAR BUFFET for Rs. 850, starts from maghrib till 9 pm and SEHR BUFFET for Rs. 699 starts from 2:30 am till fajar! Rates inclusive of all taxes!
Pizza Max Special Ramadan Delivery Deal!
4 FOR ALL - Special Ramadan Delivery Deal @ Pizza Max! Choose and 4 pizzas from our selection of Creamy Supreme, Super Kabab Max, Afghani Tikka, BBQ Tikka, Chicken Fajita, Vegge Lover and Cheese Max for as low as Rs. 999 inclusive of all taxes. For FREE DELIVERY CALL 111-629-111.
Hotel Javson All You Can Enjoy Iftar Buffet Dinner!
Celebrating the blessings of Ramadan @ Hotel Javson Sialkot! Visit us for Iftar and enjoy our delecious Iftar cum Buffet Menu with a variety of dum pukht, mutton karahi, mutton paya, BBQ, Pakistani, Chinese, Italian, Continental dishes with an assortment of salads, dessets and refreshing beverages for just Rs. 1049 all inclusive! For reservations contact 052-3242971!
Dunkin Donuts Another Reason To Look Forward To Ramadan!
Yes folks Dunkin Donuts have the biggest Ramadan surprise for you all! Enjoy FLAT 30% OFF on the entire menu from 5:30 pm till 8:30 pm throughout the blessed month of Ramadan!
Nando's Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd. Appeteasing Your Tastebuds This Ramadan!
The blessed month of Ramadan is here and we @ Nando's have prepared an appetizing Iftar Platter to tantalize your tastebuds! Enjoy 5 chicken wings, 5 Peri chicken skewers, 1 regular garlic bbread, 1 large corn-on-the-con, 1 cole slaw and 1 yogurt dressing in just Rs. 1250+tax!
Necos Natural Store & Cafe Healthy & Hearty Iftar Buffet @ Necos!
Necos, Karachi offering a healthy and hearty Iftar and Buffet Dinner Menu for Rs. 2150+tax only! Offering a range of delectables including Fruit Chaat, Dhai Baray, Cheese Potato Bites, Chicken Wings, Prawn Tempura, Pepper Steak, Finger Fish, Chilli Prawns, Beef in Oyster Sauce, Alfredo Fettuocie Pasta and musch more! Make your reservations at our DHA and Shaheed-e-Millat restaurants today!
Marcel's Patisserie The Great Ramadan Feast!
We have prepared a lavish feast for you this Ramadan @ Marcel's including a refreshing Iftar Platter with dates, a'abe zam zam, watermelon, sharbat, vegetable spring rolls, spinach and feta cheese samosa, seasonal fresh fruit bowl, vegetable quiche, hummus bowl, beef and chicken sandwiches. Choice of Mains include Marcel’s Chicken crunch burger, Stuffed Cheese Burger, Birds eye chili chicken, Penne Arrabiata, Spaghetti Bolognese, Marcels Karachi Chicken Tikka Pizza, Margarita Pizza Lemon Thyme Sole Fish, Chateaubriand with choice of Béarnaise or pepper sauce, Trio Dessert and a choice of hot and cold beverages in Rs. 1895 only!
KFC - Kentucky Fried Chicken Ramadan Feast For Two @ KFC!
Yes folks this Ramadan it is time for a feast for two @ KFC! Enjoy 2 sizzling ZINGERS with a big bucket of fries, cole slaw and 2 tropicana drinks in just Rs. 795 only, exclusively available throughout Ramadan!
Ginsoy - Extreme Chinese Restaurant Savour The Flavours of Ramadan @ Ginsoy Live!
This Ramadan, Ginsoy LIVE, Karachi is offering a wide variety of Iftar Dinner buffet which provides the best nutritional value along with priceless time with your loved ones in just Rs. 1899+tax! Special 30% disscount on the first 10 days of Ramadan!
Bonsai Pan Asian We Are Open For Sehri!
We have prepared a special Sehri buffet menu for you this Ramadan @ Bonasi! Enjoy a selection of soups, starters and main course including crispy beef, thai red curry, chicken chowmein, fish in red pepper corn with desserts and refreshing drinks in just Rs. 999+tax!
Chop Chop Wok The Decision Time Has Arrived!
Have you decided where to break your fast this Ramadan! Choose between a Salad with 3 Step Wok in just Rs. 990 and Wings with Wok Special in just Rs. 1090 @ Chop Chop Wok, Karachi! Complimentary Ice Pop and any drink of your choice are included! Happy Ramadan stay blessed.
Barcelos - Flame Grilled Chicken Blissful Ramadan Deals 2019 @ Barcelos!
Ramadan Special Iftar Menu @ Barcelos! Enjoy an Espetada with Crispy Burger, Fries and mint lemonade in just Rs. 1399+tax, exclusively available during the blessed month of Ramadan!
Tenerife Cafe A Must Have Iftar Buffet Menu!
Tenerife Cafe, Lahore is bringing amazing options for Ramzan Iftar and Dinner Buffet this year! Break your fast with an assortment of dates, plain, almond or coconut with scrumptious iftar items like fried fish, spring rolls, sesame fried chicken, cold sandwiches, chat, sauces and dressings. Our main course is served with a selection of assorted salads and main entrees of parwan in oyster sauce, grilled lemon fish, chicken parmeson, chicken tarragon, pene pasta, lebanese fish tika, morrocan seekh kabab and top it up with a selection of assorted desserts, pasteries, mint eclair, bread pudding and much more in just Rs. 1,495+tax! Iftar Buffet timings start from maghrib till 9 pm!
Lasania Restaurant Scrumptious Iftar Buffet Menu!
Serving a delicious Ramzan Iftar Buffet @ Lassania Karachi. Menu includes a wide variety of chicken, beef, mutton, fish dishes with a selection of fresh salads and appetizers in just Rs.1,000 [adults] and Rs.500 [kids].
Khiva Restaurant Live Cooking Iftar Buffet Menu!
Enjoy the peaceful serenity of KHIVAA Rooftop Restaurant Islamabad and break your fast with a selection of over 30 dishes to choose from our lavish Iftar Buffet Dinner menu! We have prepared a selection of appetizers including dates, wraps, chaat and chutney dips with BBQ and seafood main course, fresh bread, salads and desserts in just Rs. 1299+tax only!
Khiva Restaurant Sehri Buffet @ Khiva Rooftop!
This Ramadan join us for a scrumptious Sehri Buffet @ Khiva Rooftop Islamabad and indulge in a lavish spread of soups, chaat, wraps, chutney sauce dips, bbq chicken boti, chicken gola kaba, chapal kaba,beef nihari, chicken haleem, paye, desi omlette, toasted fresh bread, and a selection of salads and desserts with flavoured lassi, limo pani and much more in just Rs. 699+tax!
Serena Hotels Iftar & Sehr @ Islamabd Serena Hotel!
This Ramadan we have prepared a special Iftar Buffet Dinner for you in just Rs. 3,350 and Sehri Buffet for Rs. 2,000 @ Islamabad Serena Hotel! Break your fast with us and participate in the Ramadan Lucky Draw competition to win a Honda BRV brand new car!
Serena Hotels Celebrating Ramadan Kareem A Spirtual Journey!
This Ramadan we invite you for a delectable Iftar and Sehri Buffet @ Faisalabad Serena Hotel! Enjoy our peaceful Arabian ambiance with live cooking and choose from a wide selection of traditional cusine! Iftar Buffet Dinner for Rs. 2400 and Sehri for Rs. 950.
Del Frio Celestial Iftar Buffet Dinner ForRs. 1395+Tax!
Break Your Fast with a Feast @ Del Frio, Karachi! Offering an exciting and delectable Iftar Buffet Menu including Fruit Chaat, Caesar Salad, Cream of Mushroom Soup, Peri Bites, Pakoras, Hummus, Dynamite Prawns, Alfredo Fettuccine, Dry Beef Chilli, Szechuan Chicken, Dates, Lemon Chiller and Gooey Chocolate Cake all in just Rs. 1395+tax!
Del Frio We Are Open For Sehri!
Enjoy a bountiful Sehri with us @ Del Frio, Karachi and get FREE pizzzas and sandwiches on all orders of Rs. 1350 and above! Offer exclusively available at SMCHS, KDA and Boat Basin restaurants!
Daily Dubai Restaurant All You Can Eat Ramdan Iftar Buffet!
Come and enjoy the blessings of Ramadan @ Daily Dubai Restaurant, Karachi offering a scrumptious variety of Ramadan Iftar and Dinner menu for only Rs. 1,490 inclusive of alll taxes for adults and Rs. 750 for kids. Offering a range of items including Russian Salad, Mutton Leg, Prawn Tempura, Alfredo Pasta, Nihari, Chicken Chowmein, Chicken Biryani, Mutton Paye, Tarrragon Chicken Steak, Chelo Kabab, Reshami Kabab and much more!
Cocochan Pan-Asian Restaurant Pan Asian Ramadan Iftar Buffet!
Join us @ Cocochan Restaurant, Karachi this Ramadan and indulge in a lavish Pan Asian Iftar Buffet Menu especially curated for you by our Head Chef. Offering an assortment of dishes including soups, crispy spring rolls, apple salsa chicken, cheese balls, crispy papaya, dynamite prawns, chicken in schezwan sauce, crispy beef, beef in oyster sauce, red snapper, chicken teppanyaki, stir fried vegetable, jasmine rice and refreshing beveraes and desserts in just Rs, 1990+tax only!
Chilman Restaurant Iftar Dinner Buffet Menu!
This Ramadan, experience the most lavish, traditional IFTAR DINNER BUFFET @ Chilman Restaurant, Islamabad offering a variety of Iftar items, main cource, salads, desserts and refreshing beverages in just Rs. 1495+tax [adults] and Rs. 1045+tax [kids].
Chaaye Khana Ifar Special Platter for Rs. 599+Tax!
This Ramadan, keeping up with our traditions, CHAAYE KHANA brings the amazing Iftar Platter, an assortment of fried samosas, jalebi, khajoor, spring rolls and pakoras with yumilicious sauces! No better way to break your fast with our Iftar Platter in just Rs. 599+tax!
Cafe Barbera - The Italian Coffee House Enjoy Sehr & Iftar Buffet Deals!
Ramadan is here! So book your slots for Sehr and Iftar Buffet @ Cafe Barbera, Lahore and enjoy a versatile and yummilicious cuisine. Try our Sehr Platter for Rs. 600+tax only and Iftar Buffet Dinner for Rs. 1299+tax only.
Aura Grande Enclave Ramadan Iftar Buffet Menu!
A scrumptious Iftar Buffet Dinner awaits you at Aura Grande, Islamabad. Choose from a selection of 50 plus dishes in just Rs. 1,595+tax. Enjoy your Iftar evening with your favourite RJ Bhatti and win exciting gifts throughout the blessed month of Ramadan!
1969 & Time Goes On Iftar & Sehri @ 1969!
Enjoy the perfect Iftar Buffet Dinner for Rs. 1969+tax and Sehri for Rs. 699+tax! Menu includes Masala Biryani, Seekh Kaba, Fish Fingers, Mixed Vegetables, Roma Chicken Pasta and much more!
Chaupal All You Can Eat Ramadan Iftar Buffet Menu!
Indulge in a hearty Iftar Buffet Dinner this Ramadan @ Chaupal Restaurant, Karachi! Offering a variety of traditional BBQ, Chinese, Thai and Continental buffet menu for Rs. 1499+tax [adults] and 799+tax [kids]. Enjoy Special Prices for the first three days of Ramadan in just Rs. 1099+tax only!
La Moosh Cafe & Restaurant Continental & Desi Ramadan Buffet Menu!
Like every year, La Moosh Cafe, Hyderabad brings you the best Continental and Desi Ramadan Buffet Menu for Rs. 1,199+tax and Sehri for Rs. 599+tax only. Avail 15% Discount till 10th of Ramadan. Hurry up Hydians and avail this Unbeatable Offer!
Rosati Bistro Ramadan Special Menu @ Rosati Bistro!
Have you started making plans for iftar yet? The wait is over! Enjoy a delectable Chinese-Seafood-Continental-BBQ-Italian Ramadan Iftar Buffet Menu @ Rosati Bistro, Karachi for Rs. 1299+tax [adults] and Rs. 799+tax [kids]! Choose from a selection of main course dishes including chicken manchurian, beef chili dry, vegetable chowmin, fried fish, prawn gravy, jalapeno pasta, chicken lasagne, beef biryani, chicken shashlik, mini beef steaks, mutton peshawari karahi, grilled chicken with fresh fruits, salads and desserts!
Kababjees Ramadan Kareem Buffet Menu!
Start of your Ramadan with our irresistible Ramadan Kareem Iftar Buffet Dinner Menu offering a variety of traditional Pakistani bbq dishes, Italian, Chinese and Thai cusine with choiciest salads, bbeverages and desserts! Make your reservations today! Rs. 2299+tax [adults] and Rs. 1399+tax [children].
Pavilion End Club Ramadan Fiesta 2019 @ Pavilion End Club!
Pavilion End Club, Karachi presents RAMADAN FIESTA 2019 for all those who cherish this blessed and graceful month. We have prepared an elaborate Iftar Buffet Dinner with a selection of 45 plus dishes on the menu. Join the celebrations with exciting games and attractions for the entire family, free gift hampers, free Super Space rides and a chance to win mind-blowing return ticktets to international destinations. Mark your calendars, because Ramadan Fiesta 2019 will be taking off on 11th of May till 5th of June. Ifatr Buffet Dinner for Rs. 1099 [adults] and 699 [kids].
Ramada Plaza Karachi Celebrating the True Spirit of Ramadan!
Throughout the year, Ramada introduces joyful events and opportunities for our guests, which bring us to Ramadan. As the calming breeze of Ramadan is knocking at our doors, Ramada Plaza Karachi is ready to welcome the month with wide arms open and hearts filled with joy. Keeping the tradition alive, it gives immense pleasure to announce this year’s beautiful Ramadan Campaign being held at our fully air-conditioned Marquee, especially to beat the heat and entertain our guests with daily exciting gifts along with a lavish Iftaar Dinner Buffet for Rs. 2250+tax and a divine Sehri for Rs. 1250+tax.
La Montana Restaurant Sehri Buffet @ La Montana!
A delectable and filling Sehri Buffet awaits you @ La Montana Restaurant Islamabad offering a variety of dishes including Mutton Paya, Omelette, Chicken Qorma, Aalo Bhajia, Haleem, Puri Halwa, paratha and nans and lassi to keep you refreshed only for Rs. 699+tax!
La Montana Restaurant Iftar Dinner Buffet Menu!
Serving a lavish Ramadan Iftar Buffet Dinner at La Montana, Islamabad starting from Rs. 945+tax! Offering a wide array of Iftar appetizers, main course dishes, salads and desserts to choose from with live stations and stalls.
Nadia Coffee Shop - Marriott Hotel Come Five Pay For Four!
Enjoy the spirit of Ramadan @ Nadia Coffee Shop, Marriott Hotel Islamabad with our special Iftar Dinner Buffet Deal. For every group of 5 pay only for four. Offer valid for the first ten days of Ramadan. IFTAR BUFFET DINNER for Rs. 3,000 and SEHR BUFFET for Rs. 1,900!
Defence Raya Golf & Country Club Iftar Buffet Dinner @ Defence Raya!
Join us in this blessed month of Ramadan to enjoy a scrumptious Iftar Buffet Dinner for Rs. 1300+tax only! Also offering Sehri Buffet on every Friday, Saturday and Sunday for Rs. 800+tax only!
Beach Luxury Hotel Karachi Marhaba Ifatr & Sehri Buffet @ Beach Luxury Hotel!
Spend the month of blessings @ Beach Luxury ?Hotel?, Karachi and enjoy our delectable variety of Iftar Buffet Dinner with a scenic view of mangroves and creek at our Seafront Restaurant in Rs. 2250+tax only and Sehri Buffet in Rs. 950+tax only! Also offering 20% Early Bird Discount till 10th of May 2019. For reservation please call 111-254-111.
Kabab-Ji - Movenpick Hotel Karachi 20% OFF Lebanese Ramadan Buffet Dinner!
A lavish Lebanese Iftar Dinner Buffet awaits you @ Kabab-Ji, Movenpick Hotel Karachi! Relish a wholesome and fulfilling buffet dinner starting with iftar platter, hot and cold mezze, main course and dessert at an amazing 20% discount for the first 10 days of Ramadan! For reservations contact 021-35633333
Al-Bustan - Movenpick Hotel Karachi 20% OFF Iftar Buffet Dinner!
Al-Bustan - Movenpick Hotel Karachi invites you for a scrumptious Iftar Buffet Dinner with an exciting discount of 20% for the first 10 days of Ramadan! Book your table today to enjoy great savings in this blessed month!