Pearl Continental Hotel - PC Hotel

Club Road, PIDC, Karachi.
Multiple Locations
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Established in 1960, Hashoo Group has in its fold, as owner and operator, of the Pearl Continental Hotels with presence in all major cities of Pakista..more

Pearl Continental Hotel - PC Hotel

Pearl Continental Hotel - PC Hotel

 | 4 Star Ranking >> Read Reviews
Club Road, PIDC, Karachi.
Multiple Locations


 | 4 Star Ranking
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Zaheer Babar  on 3/27/2015 10:18:51 AM

"Me and my wife visited PC Rawalpindi on Monday 23rd March evening and had fish in the coffee shop. That night we both we both were suffered with intense stomach pain and having diarrhea problems. I have sent an e-mail to hotel concerned as well but till yet no one has bothered to reply."

Azka Shuaib  on 10/13/2014 4:13:05 PM

"I just love PC Bhurban! I am 11 years old and I went there in 2013. It was the best trip of my life. Now planning another trip soon in December."

Shaheena Shakeel  on 7/2/2012 2:52:16 PM

"We absolutely loved our honeymoon stay at PC Bhurban. Beautiful environment, lovely hotel and most professional services."

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Company Profile

Established in 1960, Hashoo Group has in its fold, as owner and operator, of the Pearl Continental Hotels with presence in all major cities of Pakistan.

Pearl Continental Hotel – Karachi

Located in the heart of the business hub and 15 km from the airport, Pearl Continental Hotel Karachi - is a preferred choice for discerning corporate and leisure travelers. Vibrant and progressive, it retains the warmth and the spirit of Pakistan, while offering a variety of rooms, stylish restaurants and contemporary business facilities, establishing itself as an undisputed, premier business hotel. Whilst not forgetting that Karachi is the city of dreams, an all enveloping sensory roller-coaster ride which leaves you delighted and inspired at the same time. There is a lot more to this city than what meets the eye.

Pearl Continental Hotel – Lahore

Welcome to one of the most innovative hotels of Pakistan, where art and originality elegantly combine to offer you some rare spectacles. Located in a busy district, the sparkling facade and chic environment will fill you with wonder.

Imagine an experience created to meet your every desire, where you are much more than a name on register - where service is not just a word - it is a way of being. The style surrounds you and makes you feel sophisticated. You can actually feel the vibes of glamour, movie stars and intellectuals that give Lahore a vibrant history. Pearl Continental Hotel Lahore possesses a legacy that makes you realize that there is no place like this - yet your experience is essentially and uniquely yours.

Pearl Continental Hotel – Rawalpindi

Ten minutes drive from the airport, Pearl Continental Hotel Rawalpindi enjoys the status of the only deluxe hotel in the city. A distinct culture flourished on the Rawal Plateau as far back as 3000 years, attracting tourists from the world over. With its close proximity to the archaeological sites, historical monuments and fascinating hill stations, the hotel serves as a transit haven for the tourists. A blend of warm elegance and gracious hospitality, Pearl Continental Hotel Rawalpindi has a distinctive character of its own.

Pearl Continental Hotel – Bhurban

Located at the foothills of the magnificent Himalayas at an elevation of over 2000 m, Pearl Continental Hotel Bhurbun offers a unique experience of defining reunion with Nature. Affectionately known as “the Paradise on Earth”, the Kashmir Valley is blessed with picture post-card perfection and attracts a cosmopolitan crowd soaking all that it has to offer. Intrinsic beauty, world class adventure sports and personalized luxury make it the most agreeable proposition.

Pearl Continental Hotel – Peshawar

Overlooking the famous Peshawar golf course and the historic Bala Hisar Fort, Pearl Continental Hotel Peshawar is situated two kilometers away from the airport. Simple yet alluring, it offers an exciting mix of fine dining, unparalleled services and comprehensive business facilities, surpassing the guests.

Pearl Continental Hotel – Gawadar

Foreseen as a hub of energy and a trade corridor, Gwadar is the next economic free zone in the making. With its strategic location and limitless potential for the investors it is expected to become a very cosmopolitan society.

Pearl Continental Hotel Gwadar fuses the best of rich culture and hospitality with contemporary amenities. Superb dining, spa, fitness, sports, and luxurious guest rooms cluster on the hillside above the shimmering drama of the Arabian Sea. Rare are the chances to see history in the making and Pearl Continental Hotel Gwadar offers one.

Business Details

Managed By: Hashwani Group
Y.O.E: 1985
Business Type: Services
Ambiance 5 Star Luxury Enviornment.
Certifications: Asia Pacific Hotel Award 2013-14.
Parking Facility: In house Parking is available
Business Hours:
Credit Card Accepted:
Business Headings: