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One Day In The Haram

Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais, Abdul Majid Alotaibi, Bandar Al Amro

One Day in the Haram is the extraordinary story of the Haram in Makkah, a place so revered that non-Muslims are forbidden from even setting foot in it. For the 1st time in history, witness the inner workings of the Haram, as seen through the eyes


Ocean Mall (Cinepax Cinemas)

Cinepax Ocean Mall, 4th Floor II Talwa, Karachi - Pakistan

Show Timing : 8:45 PM


Cinepax Hyderabad

CINEPAX BOULEVARD MALL: A-14, Near Toyota Showroom, Autobhan Road, Hyderabad.

Show Timing : 3:00 PM


Cinepax Sialkot

CINEPAX SIALKOT: Mall of Sialkot, Aziz Bhatti Shaheed Road, Sialkot.

Show Timing : 3:40 PM