The markets are changing around us and so are we – the Consumers! We are not like our moms and dads, who were part of a generation left on the mercy of PTCL. Today’s consumer is more connected with each other and with brands and businesses and local neighborhood happenings through their mobiles and the internet. So if it’s a new store opening or a change of address or a first time happening in Pakistan you will find it all here from latest in medical treatments, to Halloween and New Year parties near you, to brand launches and red carpet events and donation calls. Helping you to stay connected with your city!

IGNITE - formerly National ICT R&D Fund Company National Grassroots ICT Research Initiative 2021!
Ministry of Informationa Technology & Telecommunication, Government of Pakistan through it's National Grassroots ICT Research Initiative provides financial support to selected Final Year Projects - FYP of undergraduate students enrolled in ICT related disciplines to promote R&D and innnovation at the grassroots level. NGIRI-2021 Program has been divided into two phases. In Phase 1, FYPs from accross Pakistan will be selected for funding with the upto Rs. 70,000 for project equipment and upto Rs. 10,000 for miscellaneous expenses. In Phase 2, selected FYPs from participating institutions will be invited to compete for the National Championship. Winners will be awarded prizes, NATIONAL CHAMPIONS - Rs. 400,000, FIRST RUNNER UP - Rs. 300,000 and SECOND RUNNER UP - Rs. 200,000. Eligible students must submit their FYP aplication by 1st of February 2021 at For more information contact 051-111446483.