Driving Licensing Offices | Traffic Police Punjab

TRAFFIC POLICE PUNJAB: Qurban Lines, Lahore-Cantt.
Multiple Locations
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Driving Licensing Offices | Traffic Police Punjab

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TRAFFIC POLICE PUNJAB: Qurban Lines, Lahore-Cantt.
Multiple Locations


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Head Office
Address :  TRAFFIC POLICE PUNJAB: Qurban Lines, Lahore-Cantt.
Landmarks :  Lahore Gymkhana, Qurban Lines, Sher Pao Bridge
City / District :  Lahore
:+92-42-99202101, 99204619 more
:+92-42-99202101, 99204619, 99204620
Fax: +92-42-99204618
Branch Office
Address :  DPO Office, Near District Courts, Ferozepur Road, Kasur.
Landmarks :  District Courts Kasur, DPO Office Kasur, Kasur Museum
City / District :  Kasur
Phone: +92-49-9250097
Branch Office
Address :  DPO Office, G.T Road, Near DCO Office, Okara.
Landmarks :  DCO Office Okara, Jinnah Park Okara
City / District :  Okara
Phone: +92-44-9200367
Branch Office
Address :  DPO Office, Katchery Road, Near DCO Office, Pakpattan.
Landmarks :  DCO Office Pakpattan, Jamia Masjid Bilal
City / District :  Pakpattan
Phone: +92-457-374206
Branch Office
Address :  DPO Office, Kacheri Road, Sahiwal.
Landmarks :  District Courts Sahiwal, DPO Office, Gymkhana Club Sahiwal
City / District :  Sahiwal
Phone: +92-40-9200366
Branch Office
Address :  DPO Office, Near Jinnah Park, Bhakkar.
Landmarks :  DC Office Mosque, Jinnah Park
City / District :  Bhakkar
Phone: +92-453-9200275
Branch Office
Address :  CTO Office, Zila Council Road, Opp. Thana Civil Lines, Faisalabad.
Landmarks :  Lyallpur Museum, Police Station Civil Lines, UBL Bank
City / District :  Faisalabad
Phone: +92-41-2408272
Branch Office
Address :  DPO Office, Jauharabad, Khushab.
Landmarks :  DPO Office, HBL Bank, Jauharabad
City / District :  Khushab
Phone: +92-454-920028
Branch Office
Address :  DPO Office, Near Rescue 15 Office, Jhang.
Landmarks :  Company Bagh, DPO Office Jhang
City / District :  Jhang
Phone: +92-47-9200311
Branch Office
Address :  DPO Office, Jahaz Chowk, Near Zila Kacheri, Mianwali.
Landmarks :  District Courts, Jahaz Chowk, Jahz Chowk, Katchery Park
City / District :  Mianwali
Phone: +92-459-236208
Branch Office
Address :  DPO Office, Near Zila Kacheri, Kacheri Road, Sargodha.
Landmarks :  DPO Office Sargodha, Sargodha Arts Council Auditorium
City / District :  Sargodha
Phone: +92-48-9230868
Branch Office
Address :  DPO Office, Rajana Road, Near Zila Katchery, Toba Tek Singh.
Landmarks :  DPO Office Toba Tek Singh, Water House Park
City / District :  Toba Tek Singh
Phone: +92-46-2518215
Branch Office
Address :  Police Lines, Qasim Town, Bahawalpur.
Landmarks :  Qasim Town
City / District :  Bahawalpur
Phone: +92-62-9250272
Branch Office
Address :  Traffic Police Office, Railway Road, Near Thana Civil Line, Dear Ghazi Khan.
Landmarks :  DHQ Hospital, Police Station Civil Lines
City / District :  Dera Ghazi Khan
Phone: +92-64-9260484
Branch Office
Address :  DPO Office, Near Session Courts, Khanewal.
Landmarks :  Civil Club Restaurant, Session Court Khanewal
City / District :  Khanewal
Phone: +92-65-9200171
Branch Office
Address :  DPO Office, Near DCO Office, Layyah.
Landmarks :  Circuit House, DCO Office Layyah
City / District :  Layyah
Phone: +92-606-414795
Branch Office
Address :  Near DPO Office, Multan Road, Lodhran.
Landmarks :  DPO Office, Qureshi Hotel, Sabzi Mandi Lodharan
City / District :  Lodhran
Phone: +92-608-9200062
Branch Office
Address :  DPO Office, Near District Council, Muzaffargarh.
Landmarks :  District Council Muzaffargarh
City / District :  Muzaffargarh
Phone: +92-66-9200311
Branch Office
Address :  DPO Office, Church Road, Rahim Yar Khan.
Landmarks :  Bilal Masjid, District Courts Rahim Yar Khan
City / District :  Rahim Yar Khan
Phone: +92-68-9230301
Branch Office
Address :  DPO Office, Near District Hospital, Rajanpur.
Landmarks :  District Hospital Rajanpur, Fakhar-e-Jahan Park
City / District :  Rajanpur
Phone: +92-604-689399
Branch Office
Address :  DPO Office, Multan Road, Near Lari Adda, Vehari.
Landmarks :  Deputy Commissioner Vehari Office, Lari Adda Bus Stop, V Chowk
City / District :  Vehari
Phone: +92-67-3363244
Branch Office
Address :  DPO Office, Near District Courts, Attock.
Landmarks :  Chacha Younis Park, District Courts, DPO Office
City / District :  Attock
Phone: +92-57-2703300
Branch Office
Address :  DPO Office, Talagang Road, Chakwal District Complex, Chakwal.
Landmarks :  Chakwal District Complex
City / District :  Chakwal
Phone: +92-543-540064
Branch Office
Address :  Police Lines No.1, Traffic Block, CTO Office, Shadab Colony, Multan.
Landmarks :  Civil Lines College, District Courts Multan
City / District :  Multan
Phone: +92-61-4501013
Branch Office
Address :  Qasim Market, Race Course Park, Peshawar Road, Westridge II, Rawalpindi.
Landmarks :  Qasim Market, Race Course Park, Rising Sun Riding Academy
City / District :  Rawalpindi
Phone: +92-51-5565005
Branch Office
Address :  Near DPO Office, Jail Road, Katchery Chowk, Civil Line, Sialkot.
Landmarks :  Mission Hospital, Police Line Sialkot
City / District :  Sialkot
Phone: +92-52-4264048
Branch Office
Address :  DPO Office, Civil Lines, Kacheri Chowk, Gujrat.
Landmarks :  Civil Lines
City / District :  Gujrat
Phone: +92-53-9260033
Branch Office
Address :  DPO Office, Sargodha Road, Near Iftikhar Police Line, Sheikhupura.
Landmarks :  Iftikhar Police Line
City / District :  Sheikhupura
Phone: +92-56-9200132
Branch Office
Address :  DPO Office, Near Civil Hospital, Narowal.
Landmarks :  Civil Hospital Narowal
City / District :  Narowal
Phone: +92-542-920145
Branch Office
Address :  DPO Office, Satluj Park, Bahawalnagar.
Landmarks :  Satluj Park
City / District :  Bahawalnagar
Phone: +92-63-9240053
Branch Office
Address :  DPO Office, Near G.T Adda, Kharian Road, Mandi Bahauddin.
Landmarks :  G.T Adda
City / District :  Mandi Bahauddin
Phone: +92-546-520234
Branch Office
Address :  Old Thana Sadar, Behind Rescue 15, Near Fawara Chowk, Hafizabad.
Landmarks :  Fawara Chowk, Old Police Station Sadar
City / District :  Hafizabad
Phone: +92-547-520075
Branch Office
Address :  Thana Sadar, Near Rescue 1122 Office, Nankana Sahib.
Landmarks :  Rescue 1122 Office Nankana Sahib
City / District :  Nankana Sahib
Phone: +92-56-2877585
Branch Office
Address :  Thana Sadar, Lahore Road, Chiniot.
Landmarks :  Police Station Sadar
City / District :  Chiniot
Phone: +92-47-6333366
Branch Office
Address :  CTO Office, Near Islamia College, Civil Lines, Sant Nagar, Lahore.
Landmarks :  Islamia College, Oval Ground
City / District :  Lahore
Phone: +92-42-37116745
Branch Office
Address :  94 Ghazi Road, Block K, Phase 1, DHA, Lahore.
Landmarks :  Children Orthopedic Clinic, Phase 1 DHA Lahore
City / District :  Lahore
Phone: +92-42-35777268
Branch Office
Address :  Ground Floor, ARFA Tower, Ferozepur Road, Nishtar Town, Lahore.
Landmarks :  ARFA Tower, Ittefaq Cricket Ground, Nishtar Town
City / District :  Lahore
Phone: +92-42-35918241
Branch Office
Address :  Parking Area, Liberty Market, Gulberg III, Lahore.
Landmarks :  Liberty Market, Variety Book Store
City / District :  Lahore
Phone: +92-42-35712030

Business Details

Managed By: Punjab Police - Government of Punjab
Y.O.E: 1934
Business Type: Services
Parking Facility: Plenty of Street Parking is available
Business Hours: 7 Days a Week [24 Hours]