Airport Security Force - ASF

University Avenue, Fasial Cantonment, Karachi.
Multiple Locations
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Airport Security Force - ASF

University Avenue, Fasial Cantonment, Karachi.
Multiple Locations
 | 3 Star Ranking >> Read Reviews


 | 3 Star Ranking
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afzal  on 7/4/2011 7:19:49 PM

"ASF has some very hard working people but the chief security officers at all airports are corrupt to the core. They never utilize all the budget like maintenance, camp building budgets and store purchasing. They present fake paid bills to the administration. I request to the DG ASF, SECRETARY DEFENSE, DEFENCE MINISTER and CHIEF JUSTICE OF PAKISTAN to please audit the ASF budget and take action against the corrupt people. Thanks"

MALIK NAUMAN  on 7/1/2011 8:22:46 PM

"ASF is a federal department. In my opinion ASF is a single department in which there is 0% corruption. ASF is a force in which every member is minimum a graduate. ASF has the specialty of fighting terrorism and hijacking."

izhar shani  on 6/20/2011 9:39:31 PM

"I think ASF personal are hardworking, but not very proficient. Its very important to inform every member of the force about there duty and legal powers and how to implement the rules of ACAO with courage, without any pressure. It is also very important to educate the staff to control their body language during their duty and deal the matters with proportional competency."

Company Network

Head Office
Address :  University Avenue, Fasial Cantonment, Karachi.
Landmarks :  Fasial Cantonment
City / District :  Karachi
Phone: +92-21-99242579
Regional Office
Address :  Islamabad International Airport, Islamabad.
City / District :  Islamabad
:+92-51-9242592, 9280411 more
:+92-51-9242592, 9280411, 9280412, 9280413
Fax: +92-51-9280414
Regional Office
Address :  Benzeer Bhutto Shaheed Airport, Chakala, Rawalpindi.
City / District :  Rawalpindi
:+92-51-9280411, 9280412 more
:+92-51-9280411, 9280412, 9280413
Fax: +92-51-9280414

Business Details

Managed By: Ministry of Aviation Division - GOP
Y.O.E: 1976
Business Type: Services
Affiliations: ASF Foundation. ASF Medical Centres. ASF Schools & Colleges.
Parking Facility: In house Parking is available
Business Hours: Monday - Friday [8 am - 4 pm]