Jang Group of Newspapers

Jang Building, I.I Chundrigar Road, Karachi.
Multiple Locations
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Jang Group of Newspapers

Jang Building, I.I Chundrigar Road, Karachi.
Multiple Locations
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 | 5 Star Ranking
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M.Shamim Shaikh  on 7/13/2017 11:17:31 AM

"The columnists of Jang newspaper including Mr. Saleem Safi, Dr. Safder Mehmood, Dr. Shahid H. Siddiqui, Mr. Wajahat Masood and Mr. Mubashir Zaidi are an asset of this country! May Allah bless them all. "

M.Shamim Shaikh  on 7/13/2017 11:06:28 AM

"Hamid Mir sahib is a well reputed, talented, humble and analytical writer of Jang newspaper. His columns reflect Pakistan'S internal and external policies and political situation. He has an extensive knowledge of Gulf states and related countries of the region. Mr. Mir's columns are not emotional, but are historical and an example for the new comers and guidelines to the politicians."

sonia akmal  on 7/6/2017 7:41:15 PM

"I have been reading JANG daily urdu newspaper since 10 years. The best thing about it is its columns and this the the biggest reason I read it."

Helene  on 6/20/2011 12:13:01 PM

"A solid and grounded newspaper company. They have achieved economies of scales in the business due to their high readership. Definitely one of the major independent information sources in Pakistan. Also the Jang website, www.jang.com.pk, is the most popular news portal ranking among the top ten, highest viewed sites in Pakistan, boasting over 400,000 daily visitors, locally and abroad. Keep up the fight!"

liaquat.islam  on 3/9/2011 6:17:00 PM

"I have been a dedicated reader of the Jang newspaper for the past twenty years. I have found the reporting to be very balanced with all sides point of views provided for the reader. The editorial is also a class apart with some of the most respected names in urdu journalism such as, late, Irshad Haqqani, Haroon-ur-Rasheed, Maleeha Lodhi, Nazir Naji and Irfan Saddique. "

Company Network

Head Office
Address :  Jang Building, I.I Chundrigar Road, Karachi.
Landmarks :  Ikhbar Manzil, Jang Press, UBL Al Rehman Branch
City / District :  Karachi
:+92-21-32627926, 32635642 more
:+92-21-32627926, 32635642, 32637111
Fax: +92-21-32635640, 32636066
Branch Office
Address :  Jang Building, 13-Sir Agha Khan Road, Lahore.
Landmarks :  Awaz Building, Davis Road, Jang Building, Sir Agha Khan Road
City / District :  Lahore
UAN: +92-42-111101111
Branch Office
Address :  Jang Building, Block-40, Fazl-ul-Haq Road, Blue Area, Islamabad.
Landmarks :  Ataturk Avenue, Blue Area, Fazl-ul-Haq Road, Jang Building, Jinnah Avenue
City / District :  Islamabad
:+92-51-2871821, 2871822 more
:+92-51-2871821, 2871822, 2871823, 2871824, 2871825, 2871826, 2871827, 2871828, 2871829, 2871830
Fax: +92-51-2874218
Branch Office
Address :  Al-Rehman Building, Murree Road, Rawalpindi.
Landmarks :  Al Rehman Building, Murree Road
City / District :  Rawalpindi
:+92-51-5962444, 5962445 more
:+92-51-5962444, 5962445, 5962446, 5962447, 5962448, 5962449, 5962450, 5962451, 5962452, 5962453
UAN: +92-51-111101111

Business Details

Managed By: Mr. Mir Shakil-ur-Rehman - CEO & Editor-in-Chief
Y.O.E: 1940
Business Type: Services, Publisher
Specialization: Jang Group of Newspapers is one of the oldest newspaper publishing houses of Pakistan established in the year 1940 by Mir Khalil-ur-Rehman in Dehli, India. Aftre partition, Mr. Rehman moved to Paksiatn and started the print publications from Karachi. The Group is the publisher of JANG, the largest Urdu daily newspaper of the country, Akhbar-e-Jahan and Mag weekly magazines, The News English daily newspaper, Kaisa Ho Ga Pakistan annual magazine in collaboration with the Economist. The Group expanded it's reach into the electronic broadcasting media in 2001 with the launch of GEO Television Network.
Affiliations: Independent Media Corporation (Pvt) Limited. GEO Television Network.
Memberships: All Pakistan Newspaper Society. Council of Pakistan Newspaper Editors.
Parking Facility: Plenty of Street Parking is available
Business Hours: Monday [9 am to 5 pm]
Tuesday [9 am to 5 pm]
Wednesday [9 am to 5 pm]
Thursday [9 am to 5 pm]
Friday [9 am to 5 pm]
Saturday [9 am to 5 pm]