National Hospital & Medical Center

132/3, Block L, DHA, Lahore.
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National Hospital & Medical Center

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132/3, Block L, DHA, Lahore.


 | 1 Star Ranking
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Talat Mir  on 11/2/2017 1:27:13 PM

"I went to emergency with stomach pain at 4 am! Sorry to report that everything was below standard including emergency care, doctor's attitude and competence, nursing staff hopeless. The lady doctor was spending more time on her cell to chat and smile than paying any attention to the patients. It was a complete nightmare experience. I have seen many hospitals around the world but this one was the worst."

N Khan  on 7/9/2017 6:19:38 PM

"My Aunt was admitted at National Hospital & Medical Center after a stroke. The hospital's staff, nurses and doctors are hopelessly unqualified. My aunt got bed sores and she was treated very unprofessionally by the nursing staff during the "Suction" procedure for chest infection. The hospital charges are almost PKR 50,000 per day if your patient is admitted in ICU or HUD unit. The staff nurses were ordering antibiotics after Googling and instead of using the medicine for the patient they were being sent back to the pharmacy secretly. I learnt this because nobody knew of my relationship with the patient. We spent fifteen days in this hospital. The staff kept using the ventilator machine and making huge bills while casually informing us that our patient will recover soon. Chest Specialist is saying, she will be okay within a week, Lungs Specialist is saying, yes she should be fine. Nueroligst is saying, yes her brain function is okay. But we could see that my aunt was dying. The suction machine gave her throat infect. Morning and evening blood and urine tests were going on with a huge cost of PKR 10,000 to 15000. To see this was so frustrating! Why the doctors keep allowing to have these tests to be done? Why when the patient is dying? I found out that these tests are done to give business to the in-house Lab in the hospital. Blood tests and Urine tests were even not conducted, the lab people were changing the readings with a new date. What kind of treatment is this? Please DO NOT bring your loved ones to National Hospital! It would be better to take your patient to a Government Hospital!"

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