Q Mobile

Shop No.3, Ground Floor, Al-Haroon Chambers, Agha Khan III Road, Saddar, Karachi.
Multiple Locations
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Q Mobile

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Shop No.3, Ground Floor, Al-Haroon Chambers, Agha Khan III Road, Saddar, Karachi.
Multiple Locations


 | 1 Star Ranking
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Rimz  on 11/5/2017 5:44:27 AM

"Q.Mobile phones have defective panels even under warrant. I have faced this problem twice. Bad good quality phones."

Gulfam Ahmad  on 7/6/2017 1:36:39 PM

"Very cheap services being provided by Q Mobile Service Centers. They have no qualified staff so you never get any serious response from them on your complaints. It's really disappointing!"

Asad  on 5/4/2017 4:06:29 PM

"Try the UAN number mentioned above .... you will never get an answer!"

beena  on 3/17/2017 11:10:38 PM

"My Q-Mobile A290 giving me a lot of problems! Since last two months of Jan and Feb there have been two data downloads already but still it is not working properly. This is not good quality as been claimed in your advertising!"

Muhammad Zishan Qureshi  on 1/5/2017 6:36:19 PM

"Manager of Q Mobile Warranty Center at Lawrence Road, Lahore says that as per Company Policy, Q Mobile just replaces the faulty parts and does not check the functioning of the set after repairing! Seriously!"

tariq  on 11/22/2016 4:25:25 PM

"I handed over my Q Mobile Noir A-10 to the customer care center in Muzaffarabad. The set was totally functional with everything working. The repair order was to change the Touch, Side Ring and Battery Terminal. After 15 days I collected my phone set from the center. At the time of taking over of the set, I could not check it because I had not brought battery and sim with me - Big Mistake! On arriving home I checked the set. The mic was not functional and covered with leather cloth, camera was not present and sim jacket was damaged. Afterwards I checked in service center and told the manager about the set condition. He totally disagreed with me and said that the set was dead and camera was not present when I handed over the set for repairs. After a long discussion I came to the conclusion that Q Mobile staff cannot be trusted and one needs to thoroughly check their phones at the service center after repairs and at the time of hand over as well all things need to be mentioned on the repair order."

Ali Bin Murad  on 11/5/2016 11:22:51 AM

"I bought a Q Mobile L1-I mobile phone for my peon on 14/10/16. After just three days he returned back the phone to me and told me that it is not working properly. I checked the phone and found the hands-free sign was on the screen and hands-free was not connected. Then I tried to switching its profile from hands-free mode to other profile but it did not change. I did factory reset but no change. I knew that it just had a software issue but because it was under "Warranty" so I submitted it to Q Mobile customer care center. Details are as Repair Order No: 2KCC-161003751 on Dated: 18/10/16. After 10 days I was informed by Q Mobile customer care center that the phone needed a change of LCD and I have to pay Rs.250/- for our service charges! I was shocked to hear this because I knew that there is only small software problem which can be resolved by re-installation. So I informed the lady that LCD of the phone was perfectly alright and it needs just a software update. On this the lady informed me that they cannot fix the problem and I could collect the phone back without repair. After 4 days again I called Q-mobile customer care center, no good news again more disappointment. Now another customer care lady checked my Repair Order and said your phone will be returned back to you as you submitted, because you haven't receive our phone calls. Again this was shocking so I told her about my telephonic conversation, she said in our system there is not mentioned anything about your telephonic conversation. Then she said you can collect your phone after 2 days without any repair and submit it again. Absolutely shocking treatment of customers by Q Mobile customer care!!!!"

Aubaid  on 10/31/2016 4:23:41 PM

"I gave my cell phone under warranty clam a couple of days back! Q Mobile people told me it will take 1 week to get repair although it was just a button fault. Now over 2 weeks have passed and they are still asking for more time. Seriously Q Mobile sucks!"

farid ahmad  on 9/9/2016 7:51:22 PM

"I have Q Mobile A9 for the past four years. It's a reliable and great model with good apps but now I am facing software problems as my kids input a wrong parameter. Now it says login from Google account. But the phone is locked and I cannot open the internet neither can I connect to a the wi-fi, so how can I login through Google. Please help in this regards."

Muhammad Abid Mehmood  on 8/16/2016 2:25:13 PM

"I bought a new Q Mobile which developed hardware problem. When I went to Q-mobile Service Center to claim, I ask them how much time required to fix the problem? They said within 10 days. After completion of the 10 days period they say another 20 days are required. My Repair Order No. 2FSD160801454. This is the most sub standard quality of product and the services I have ever seen. My claim should be settled at that time. Now I have to wait till God knows when!"

muhammad umer yaqub  on 6/7/2016 12:17:45 AM

"I am a customer of Q Mobile since it launch in Pakistan. Yesterday I purchased a brand new Noir Z12 but very disappointed this time. Two major problems this phone has! 1- Battery is mentioned 2900mah but it works like 1500mah. 2- Ear piece volume during call is very low, so low that it is difficult to understand what the caller is saying. Now tell me what to do!"

Rana Husnain  on 12/19/2015 8:48:35 AM

"I bought my Q-Mobile x30 four months ago. A few days back the mobile phone started hanging. I approached Q-Mobile Claim Centre. After inspecting my phone I was informed that my phone and my warranty card's serial numbers did not match. Now I am very frustrated as to what I should do!"

kiramat Ullah  on 8/18/2015 2:29:10 PM

"I deposited my phone at Q Mobile Customer Care, D.I Khan for repair and it is now over 23 days and they are not doing anything! Whenever I call after 4 and 5 days they ask me to wait for another week. Q Mobile Customer Care is pathetic. I just want help to repair my mobile quickly my Repair Order No: 2DIK150700591! "

Arshadrajput  on 8/16/2015 1:44:40 AM

"Very bad experience with Q Mobile's technical staff at Hyderabad service centre!"

Shahid Ghafoor  on 8/6/2015 11:36:29 AM

"I bought a new Q Mobile which developed hardware problems within four days of useage. I then went to their Service Center to claim the warranty. They argued with me a lot and provided me a Repair Order No. 2RWP150800449. This is the most sub standard quality of product and the services I have ever seen. My claim should be settled at that time. Now I have to wait till God knows when. I am without a phone and this is very frustrating!"

Anas nazir  on 5/22/2015 10:54:21 AM

"Very bad Q Mobile. It is my fault that I trusted and purchased a Q Mobile. I would never make this mistake again. You people spend millions of rupees on Marketing and Advertising your products. Why can you not invest in your technical and support staff? Very disappointing!"

Muhammad Azeem  on 1/19/2015 11:37:49 AM

"We purchased Q Mobile I-7. When we connected to Facebook through WiFi it was running fine. But when we tried to do the same through Mobilink 3G internet it gives an error and no updates are shown. We took the phone to Q Mobile Customer Care at Saddique Trade Centre but the are unable to resolve this issue. They now even do not listen to my complain and instead are telling me that I should not have purchased the set at the first place. This is unfair as no one informed me that Q Mobile does not support 3G services. If I had known I would have not purchased the same. We feel that Q Mobile should accept this responsibility and replace my set with one which is 3G supported."

Muhammad Arslan  on 11/13/2014 12:33:37 PM

"Very bad experience with Q Mobile. I submitted my brand new faulty phone for repair dated 30-09-2014 through Repair Order No. 2lhr140906624. Another set which was also not working was returned to me on 06-11-2014. I submitted it again on 07-11-2014 through Repair Order No. 2lhr141100783. Till date I am being given the run around. Most of the time no one responds from Customer Care and when they do they try to pass the buck to the Lab People, then the Lab People say it is the fault of Karachi Head Office. Very bad Q Mobile. It is my fault that I trusted a Pakistani brand. It is my fault that I purchased a Q Mobile. I would never make this mistake again. You people spend millions of rupees on Marketing and Advertising your products. Why can you not invest in your technical and support staff? Very disappointing!"

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Business Details

Managed By: Mr. Zeeshan Akhtar - Founder & CEO
Y.O.E: 2009
Business Type: Retailers, Wholesalers, Importers
Specialization: Q Mobile’s range of stylish yet innovatively advanced mobile products provide affordable touch screens, QWERTY, Wi-Fi and Android OS smart phones, catering to customers who are looking out for advanced quality and features at prices that are extremely affordable.
Parking Facility: Plenty of Street Parking is available
Business Hours: Monday - Saturday [9 am to 5 pm]
Credit Card Accepted:
Business Headings: