Cosmetic Surgery & Skin Center - CSSC

53-B/2, M.M Alam Road, Gulberg III, Lahore.
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Cosmetic Surgery & Skin Center - CSSC

Cosmetic Surgery & Skin Center - CSSC

53-B/2, M.M Alam Road, Gulberg III, Lahore.
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 | 5 Star Ranking
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Dr Saima Anwar  on 1/15/2020 6:22:18 PM

"I am writing this review for the benefit of all those girls, whose life has been disrupted as a result of divorce or pre-marital sexual activity due to any cause. I pray that God guides everybody to the right path. My marriage was dissolved only in a few weeks, due to reasons, I cannot explain. I was very upset and my parents were urging me to re-marry someone else. I searched the internet thoroughly and I found out that Dr. H.A Khawaja, was the best doctor for hymenoplasty ( hymen repair to virgin state ). Though there were many other male and female doctors, but his hymenoplasty techniques like simplified, TSM, ATSM, 3-D,7-D, and Ultra 7-D hymenoplasties, are unique and not available elsewhere. I had a detailed discussion with the doctor on phone, who was very kind and explained to me the procedure in depth. It took only 20 minutes for my 3-D hymenoplasty and in about 3 weeks, I saw the final results when all my stitches were dissolved. It was scarless and hymen was perfect and I was so happy to have regained my virginity back, which was lost as a result of mishap. I got re-married after a few weeks, and I am now leading a very happy married life. I highly recommend anyone looking for this procedure to have it from Dr. H.A Khawaja at CSSC clinic, Lahore."

Sandra Finn  on 11/9/2019 12:45:21 AM

"I have been suffering from painful and swollen knee joints for a long time. I had a while ago had a face lift from Cosmetic Surgery & Skin Center, and I am very happy with the results. I came to know that knee joint replacement is being carried out in a very simplified manner in local anesthesia. I had a long consultation with the doctor and I was examined thoroughly. All of my questions were answered to my satisfaction. Some simple tests like X-rays of knee joints and blood tests were suggested. Reports were sent to the doctor via e-mail. I underwent the procedure of a single knee, my right knee joint and it was quite painless. I was awake during the procedure and it was done quite professionally. There was no bleeding during or after the procedure, since none of my bones or structures were damaged, repair was carried out naturally exactly as I was told and no metal joints were used. The procedure was over in about 40 minutes and I was able to go home walking."

Mrs Haseena Khan  on 6/30/2019 3:07:37 AM

"Internet search for face lift and eyelid surgery led me to Dr. H.A. Khawaja. I investigated that he actually developed several face lift techniques and minimum to no swelling eyelid surgery. After detailed discussion with the doctor, I had full face and neck lift and upper and lower eyelids surgery. I was very concerned about sagging of my face, dropping upper lids and eye bags. The procedure was done very professionally, meticulously and with utmost care. It was a day care procedure and I did not stayed in the hospital, after the procedure. All of my stitches were removed after 1 week and they were very fine indeed. My results were remarkable and I look very young after my surgery. The fine scars vanished after 2 weeks in case of eyelids and after 6 weeks in case of face lift with the use of a special cream provided by the doctor. I am a very happy lady would strongly recommend Cosmetic Surgery & Skin Center for cosmetic surgery treatment!"

Zil e Huma  on 11/15/2011 9:39:25 PM

"I live in UK. I met one of the patients of Dr. Khawaja, who referred me to him. I underwent a Nasal Tip Lift which was performed very professionally within just 10 minutes. It was unbelievable, and my nasal tip was sharpened, and lifted without any cuts or surgery. Amazing. This technique has been published by Dr. Khawaja in Advanced Rhinoplasty - Art, Science & New Techniques, and also in Cosmetic Dermatology Journal, 2009. I know all this because, I am myself a doctor. I strongly recommend everybody thinking about a Nose Job in a simpler way, under local anaesthesia, go to Dr. Khawaja."

Zain Harris  on 8/22/2011 1:03:00 AM

"I had liposuction done some years ago by Dr. H.A Khawaja. I travelled from Dubai to Lahore. The operation was done very expertly, and comfortably under local anaesthesia. I lost some 10 inches from my belly. Few months later, my wife also underwent liposuction of abdomen, hips, thighs from Dr. Khawaja. Our results are simply remarkable. Dr. Khawaja is rated as one of the top most liposuction doctors in the world. We highly recommend all those considering liposuction to go to Dr. H.A Khawaja."

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