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Figuring out where to eat and what to order can be as easy as scrolling down these lip-smacking pizza deals. The insanely delicious and amazingly priced pizza offers can feed your hunger cravings at any hour of the day. We have tried, tested and got you covered with the metropolitan’s best pizza companies here. Discover the top pizza in the town and order now! Your stomach will surely thank you later.

Cafe Bogie Café Bogie – Don’t Miss the Train!
If you want in a train on a Breezy Karachi night with your friends and family then Café Bogie is your place. At Cafe Bogie, you can have a meal on a train without moving a mile out of Karachi. Café Bogie serves freshly made Pizza cooked in a fired oven alongside a selection of sandwiches, kebabs, traditional cuisine, and desserts. Pizzas made and served here are their specialty that is lip-smacking with a remarkably reasonable price. The rich cheesy crust with your favorite desi or universal flavor will perfectly satisfy your lunch and dinner hour cravings. Ordering 2 Large Pizzas with a 1.5 Litre Drink for JUST Rs. 999 won’t burden your pocket. The ambiance is casual, fun and lively, and its open kitchen embraces the connection between the friendly staff and valued guests. If you haven’t tried a meal there then turn your heads to Café Bogie straightway.
Pizza One Pizza One – You Love Pizza & We Love You!
Just when you think you’ve tried all the different possible combinations of pizzerias in town, along come Pizza One to totally flip your world. Take the pleasure of perfect blend of global smacks in a local eatery that too in your nearby area with doorstep delivery service. There are no 20 inches but a deal with 1 large pizza, 1 salad, 4 pcs supreme garlic bread, and 1 pitcher for Rs. 1799 would suit much better. Along with Pizza, select your favorite appetizers, salads, burgers, pasta, desserts, shakes or juices from our appetizing menu! If you’re heading for the Pizza One first time then try ‘Creamy Super Spice’ and give your stomach a treat.
Mazedar Haleem Mazaidar Pizza – The Name of QualityTaste
Nothing else could beat the ultimate traditional savor of Mazaidar Haleem. Now the famous eatery is striking the admirers with their delightful pizzas. Combining flavors like Malai Boti, Arabic Green, Tikka with Fajita, BBQ and Veggie Lovers to create your perfectly cooked flavored Pizza, set Mazaidar Pizza apart. The pizzas are medium baked – thin and crispy, with gentle crusts, and adorned with layers of sharp tomato sauce, bits of beef or chicken, oozing mozzarella and a delicious jumble of toppings. Complementing the interesting toppings is the unique, expressly crafted dough. It has a soft, tempting base that melts in your mouth and is surrounded by a well-made crust. Order regular Pizza for Rs. 490 and large Pizza for Just Rs. 790 and enjoy specially priced deals today!
Pizza Max Pizza Max – A Little Slice of Heaven
Pizza Max has always been committed to serving you hot, fresh pizza. Whether you're celebrating the night alone or partying with your best mates, we've got just the best priced pizzas for you. For instance, our Meal for 1 plan gets you a Pan Pizza and a 300 ML Drink for JUST Rs. 280, while our Family Feast plan gets you two Jumbo Pizzas and one pitcher of Pepsi for JUST Rs. 1999. We have appealing array of delightful pizzas like Peri Max, Chicken Tikka Pizza, Chicken Fajita, Chicken Tandoori, Chicken Behari, Chicken Afghani, Cheese Max, Beef Ma x and many more flavours in your neighbour in affordable range and pleasant environment. Along with these delightful deals, we offer you appetizers, salads, pastas, sandwiches, and beverages. So what are you ordering for today?
Pizza Point Pizza for the People | Taste the perfection
We daily celebrate one of our most beloved, global, and debate-stirring foods, Pizza. Pizza is the most popular and hankered food in the world, and in Pakistan. Pizza Point is just keeping the tradition alive by giving you the same amusing taste anywhere in Pakistan. Whether you prefer the classic ‘Fajita Sensation’, the regional favorite ‘Arabian Green’ or the popular one ‘Dip n Strip’, we have something mouth-savouring for everyone. Pizza deals offered here would always fall under your budget. What else one could ask when a rich cheesy and stuffed regular size pizza with 500ML drink will cost you just Rs. 555. There’s a bunch of economical pizza deals along with appetizers, salads, pasta, sandwiches, desserts, and beverages. So what are you waiting for?
Pizza & Pasta Co. You Make It | We Bake It
Are you having a boring party, planning for a movie night or shopping was so wearisome? Your foodstuff is fixed and what else could be more enchanted than having a pizza? Pizza and Pasta can fill your hunger crave in all these happenings. The pizzas here are made fresh and crispy as per order with the choice of either dining in or getting it delivered to your doorstep for free and the prices are also reasonable with the large pizza being for JUST Rs. 950 and can easily cater to the hunger needs of 4-6 people. Feasible deals are also available starting from Just Rs. 250 having pizza and drink for appetite. Yummy pasta, garlic bread, dips, desserts, and Beverages are also served here!
The New York Pizza Say Cheers To Pizza!
Craving for the ultimate rich, cheese-filled, and crispy stuffed crust pizza? Then New York Pizza must be your first pick. They master the art of crust making with the bursting of cheese inside but the toppings are what make these pizzas so special. If you’re heading New York Pizza for the first time then it’s highly recommended to order New York Special for unique New York style baked layers, perfectly topped by the veggies, big patches of melted fresh mozzarella, sauces, grilled beef and spiced chicken. Order a slice of 21” for yourself, half of 16” for bestie or have full King Kong sized 21” to enjoy some moments with your family; you’ll not find the middle ground on your taste. A deal for one person having Slice Of 21" Kingkong Size Pizza, 2 PCS of Sideline, 330ml drink for just Rs. 479 is not bad at all. This is where you want to take pizza lovers to give them a genuine taste of a real New York Pizza slice in a local eatery.
Domino's Pizza - The Pizza Delivery Experts Domino’s has the Perfect Answer to Your Midweek Misery
Perfect stretched dough hits the oven for about 15 minutes and comes out perfectly. If hand tossed and stuffed crispy crust is your style, then Domino’s Pizza is your place. They are known, of course, for the pizzas which they have modified to the Pakistani style very well, artfully playing around with cheese, sauces, and desi-style toppings. Try their One & Only for Rs. 349, Too Good for Two Good for Rs. 689, The Showstoppers, Fix for Four for Rs. 1499, Fix for Six for Rs. 1999, and Junior Meal for Rs. 239 or crazy Midnight deals. They have almost everything from the pleasurably exceptional cheese burst to the new thin-crust refine variety. The Tandoori Hot and Tex-Mex are by far the most popular as is the age-old classic margarita. There are a range of sidelines and deserts if you like, but the star of the show is the pizza. The absolute convenience of always having an outlet ready for delivery some anyplace near you is also an additional bonus.
Pizza Hut Happiness At An Unbelievably Discounted Price
The oldest in the town, Pizza Hut knows all the tricks of the trade. You have grown up enjoying the genuine ‘Pizza Hut’ taste, and till now that standard taste is Pizza Hut’s mark. Are you a lone eater? Get PIZZA POCKET with 1 soft drink for Rs. 235. Chattering with a friend? Order FLAVOUR SAVOUR and enjoy 1 Regular Pizza, 2 soft drinks, 4 Garlic Breads, 4 Chicken wings for Rs. 685. Double your Pizza cravings with DOUBLE DARE BOX, get up to 40% OFF on ordering 2 Regular Pizzas for Rs. 1040 and 2 Large Pizza for Rs. 1860. Along with Pizza, you can also order soup, pasta, sandwiches, flatbreads, rice and beverages but make sure you have received the same delivery you had ordered?
California Pizza Bigger Size, Better Taste
You can’t buy happiness but you can buy California Pizza and that’s a kind of the same thing. California Pizza actually defines that how you can savor a lip-smacking pizza without paying more. From offering a Personal Pan Pizza with your favorite drink in just Rs. 299 to 2 Large Pizzas, 8 Garlic Bread Supreme, Salad and 2 Drinks of 1.5 L that delight five hungry tummies in Rs. 2,899, California never let you do compromise on tastiness and freshness. Beef lovers won’t regret their money after relishing Beef Supreme and cheese lovers would possibly order another one, once they taste cheese dropping Ranch Pizza with Fajita. You can have a full or half-half pizza of your desired flavors when your tummy bumps for something delectable. Go for Mexican Sandwich, Lasagna Chicken, Crispy Fries, Bread Sticks and Chocolate Heaven for the sweet tooth, we care for all appetites.
14th Street Pizza Co. There is No Sincere Love Than The Love of Pizza!
Pizza is our answer to your worries. When things are not going right, call 14th Street. Our appetizingly delicious Pizzas and finger-licking sauces are always here to cheer your mood. Our scrumptious lunch deals are starting from 699 to feed 2-3 tummies and if you’re 8 then try our Social Deal with the social box in 2299. Choose a slice, 10-incher or half from our extraordinarily large 20-incher pizza having a range of Original, Thin Crust or Cheese Burger from our menu, click a button and select your own toppings, from a choice of veggies and the sauce type to the meaty delicacies. We know what cheese-to-meat-to-sauce ratio to keep so that the every bite you take is a balanced blend of heavenly flavors. Come over or order online to fill your cravings.
Broadway Pizza Keeps You Entertain Even if You're a Lone Eater
Starting from just Rs. 399, BROADWAY PIZZA is a new king in the town - the crispy stuffed crust, cheesy slice dripping grease (the good kind)—from the tip of its folded crease. You’re lone eater, just two or a bunch of friends, Broadway knows how to feed your appetite with the SLICE, HALF or whole 20 INCH Pizza. You can choose your deal, flavors for each slice, appetizers, drinks and sauces in a single deal. There is also a range of Sandwiches and other bits for your lunch and midnight cravings. Order Early. Order Now!