Let The Summer Fun Begin!

Don’t worry about making your kid’s time constructive, yet playful this summer and make your child’s summers be filled with fun and amazing summer activities. Let your kids laugh with fun, energize with athleticism and beam with pride this summer by making them learn something new. Swim like a fish, bake a cake, dance like a Barbie or kick like Kung Fu, you know what your child will best learn! Get them enrolled in swimming, martial arts, cooking, and many other sporty activities. Choose your favorite summer institute and activity now!

Indus Valley School of Arts & Architecture IVS Crossover | Feel, Think, Imagine, Make!
The Indus Valley School is delighted to announce a unique summer experience in art, culture, humanities and technology, designed for 15-19 year olds, taught by teams of inspiring teachers and practitioners. IVS CROSSOVER is an experimental 4 weeks, pre-collegiate summer program in a vibrant, creative, collaborative and holistic learning environment. 4 Sessions of IVS CROSSOVER are planned. 1- EXPERIMENTAL SELVES: Experience, Expression & Creation from 17th till 21st of June 2019. 2- FOUND OBJECTS: Explorations in Art & Culture from 24th till 28th of June 2019. 3- SPACE ODYSSEYS: Mapping Life & Making Sense from 1st till 5th of July 2019. 4- MEDIA CROSSINGS: Art & Digital Culture from 8th till 12th of July 2019. Last date for registration is 12th of June 2019!
RoboTec Discover The Genius In Yourself!
Spend this summer with Robotech and discover the genius in yourself with the perfect blend of fun and learning. The range of courses Genius Maths, Engtelligent, Robotics, Science Mania, Creative Writing, Andrioid Game Development offered are divided in 4 packages according to the age group. Package 1 is for the age group of 4-6 yers old, Package 2 for the kids of 7-10 years of age, Package 3 is for the teens of age 11-15 years old and Package 4 caters the teens of age 16+ Choose the best fit course and timing yourself starting from 6th May till 30th May and continuing from 10th June till 4th July for Monday to Thursday and on Weekends, Saturday and Sunday, starting from 4th May. Timings are divided in two slots, Morning Slot: 10:00 am to 12:00 pm and Evening SlotL 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm. Choose the best fit package and timings. Avail the opportunity to grow your child, for registration call or visit.
Kinder Academy Camp Kinder 2019
This summer, Kinder Academy is offering Camp Kinder starting on the 27th of May till the 21st of June 2019. Camp Kinder will run three days a week from 12pm to 3pm and is offering various activities catering from ages 3 to 10 years. The session offers a state of the art facility with baking classes, music, sports, steam education, swimming, extensive arts and crafts, horse riding, science and discovery. Register your slot now for Rs. 1500 only and monthly fee of just Rs. 8,500.
Regent Plaza Hotel & Convention Centre Summer Camp For The Family!
Enjoy your Summer holidays with unlimited Fun and Activities all in one Place. Learn, Swimming, Squash, Table Tennis, Martial Arts. In addition with activities for parents like including Snookr, Sauna, Steam, Jacuzzi Baths. Weekly entertainment Programs, Competitions, Participation Certificates will be awarded. Enroll your kid in the Summer Camp at Regent Plaza Karachi to give them an array of experiences for just Rs. Rs.10,999 per kid. Rs. 18,999 only for two kids, Rs. 24,999 only for 3 kids and Rs. 30,999 only for 4 kids. The stated price also includes a complimentary membership to our Health and Leisure Club for all parents. Registration begins from 10th April.
Berlitz Language Centre Learn a Language this Summer!
Berlitz Summer Camp brings fun and productive way for your kids and teens to enjoy this year's summer which will help building a brighter future. The summer camp will be started right after the eid and is a one month session. Their are fun activities arranged to interact and have a fun playful time along with the English Language and Grammar classes for the kids of age 4 to 19 years old.
Pavilion End Club Grand Summer Camp 2019 @ Pavilion End Club!
Just like every year, we are happy to announce our Grand Summer Camp 2019 for the season. This time we have more informative courses for children age 5 to 16 years old, where they can enroll themselves and learn freely under the guidance of the best teachers in the field. Total 10 courses are being offered including Badminton, Table Tennis, Chinese Language, English Language, Mental Maths, Arts & Crafts, Swimming Lessons, Karate Classes, Adab o Adaab, Calligraphy and Ice Skating. SESSION-1 starting from 12th June till 22nd June 2019 and SESSION-2 starting from 25th June till 5th July 2019. Timings are from 9 am to 2 pm.
Veritas Learning Circle Snap N Stamp Summer Camp!
Summer Camp 2019 Registration Begins @ Veritas Learning Circle! Let’s SNAP n STAMP this summer, as we take your child on a journey of discovery and exploration. Wrapped in play, magic unfolds everyday! For the age group of 2 to 12 years old, Monday to Thursday from 11 am till 1 pm. CAMP-1 starting 11th of June till 27th of June 2019. CAMP-2 starting 1st of July to 18th of July 2019! Limited seats so register your child today!
Sukkur IBA University Prep Up with Sukkur IBA Summer Program 2019!
Keeping up with the tradition of hard work and quality education Sukkur IBA offers an exciting Summer Program 2019 to prep up on weak links and problem areas in your studies. Our Summer Program offers an oppertunity for Business Executives, Managers, Professionals as well as students to enhance their skills, refresh their knowledge and take advance credits. Last date to apply is 21st of May 2019!
Indus Valley School of Arts & Architecture Artrageous Summer Camp 2019!
Indus Valley School of Arts & Architecture, Karachi organizes summer school in different age brackets for children between 6 to 15 years old. Four sessions of the Summer Camp will be conducted each starting from 20th May, 17th June, 1st July and 15th July 2019! The summer school provides a unique multi-disciplinary hands-on approach to enhance the artistic and creative abilities of our future generation. List of courses include SHAPE IT UP: Exploring With Clay, THE FINAL ACT: Enhancing Confidence, ALL ABOUT PHOTOGRAPHY: Fundamentals of Photography, SPEAK OUT: Public Speaking, REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE: Value the 3Rs, RETOUCH: Explore Adobe Lighting, DRAWING SKILL: Perceptual & Analytics, BURIESQUE: Cartoons & Caricature Techniques, FLUID WATERCOLOR: Primary, Secondary & Intermediate Colors, THE ACRLYIC CANVAS: Learn The Tricks of the Trade, PASTEL BLEND: Explore Oil Pastels, SOULFUL STRINGS: Learninig Music, VOICE OF ARTRAGEOUS: Singing Lessons, CONTEMPORARY DANCE: Beyond Movement, SUPER HEROS & ALIENS: Explore Illustration, THE ART OF STORYTELLING: Visual Mind Into Words, THE ANIMATION BOARD: Coding for Animation, PORTRAIT IN SERIES: Creating from Imagination. The summer school is a great creative arts, fine arts and cultural arts program, that promotes critical and creative thinking in children through artistic instruction with a focus on problem solving and self-expression. We have limited seats so enrol your child today!
Robotics Labs (Pvt) Ltd - Roboticslabs Science Summer Camp 2019!
Learn Robotics and Programming by using the latest technology @ The Robotics Labs, Karachi in a fun and friendly enviornmet! Offering short coourses on ROBOTICS for kids 5+ years, ANDROID GAME DEVELOPMENT for kids 8+ years, DIY ARTS for kids 6+ years, FORENSIC SCIENCE for kids 8+ years, MIND MATH for kids 5+ years, VIRTUAL REALITY GAME DEVELOPMENT for kids 6+ years, CAR MECHANIC for kids 8+ years, MINECRAFT MODELLING for kids 7+ years, DRONE PRO for kids 8+ years, ENGINEERING 101 for kids 8+ years, STRATEGY IN CHESS for kids 7+ years, IQ GENIUS for kids 6+ years. Classes starting from 7th of May 2019 and 28th of May 2019. Limited seats so register your kid today!
Mrs. Shah's Tuition & Preparation Center Join The Kids Fest Summer Camp 2019!
Join the Kids Fest Summer Camp @ Mrs. Shah's Tuition & Preparation Center, Karachi offering a fun and educational experience for your child in an exciting enviornment. We offer two programs, THE ENGLISH MASTERCLASS and THE URDU MASTERCLASS with Spellings and Vocab Buillding, Reading and Speaking, Compositions, Comprehensions, Creative Writing and Story Telling. Children of 5 years and older can enroll for both programs. Limited Slots Available! Register your child today!
The Robotics Club Pakistan Summer Camp 2019 - Learn Robotics In A Fun Way!
The World is Changing. Robots are taking over and we’re going to need Coders. Is your kid ready for the future? Stay ahead of the pack! Register for the Summer Camp 2019 @ The Robotics Club, Lahore. CAMP-1: starting 10th of June to 28th of June 2019. CAMP-2: starting 1st of July to 19th of July 2019. CAMP-3: starting 22nd of July to 9th of August 2019. Programs offered are LEGO LAND, MAKERS MANIA, GAME DESIGN 101, 3D DESIGNING & PRINTING. Children of age groups 5 years to 15 years can register for these programs!
Mrs. Shah's Tuition & Preparation Center Fun Learning Club for Juniors!
Fun Learning Club for Juniors @ Mrs. Shah's Tuition & Preparation Center, Karachi offers funfilled activities for your child throughout this summer season including Pool Games, Arts & Crafts, Free-Hand Drawing, Pots Germination, Science Exploration, Letters & Numbers Identification, Sand Activities, Texture Learning and Conceptual Learning through I-Spy Game, Hide-n-Seek, Show & Tell. The Summer Camp is only for the Juniors of age groups 2 years to 5 years. The investment is just Rs. 3000 but you can get a 10% Off if the child is enrolled in multiple courses. There is also a 10% sibling discount and an Early Bird Discount of 10% if enrolled by 25th April 2019.
Global Institute for Autism & Special Needs Making Your Summers Fun & Exciting!
Global Institute for Autism and Special Needs, Lahore brings a fun filled Summer Camp 2019, starting from 15th of May till 15th of August 2019, with two time slots, MORNING 9 am to 12 pm and EVENING 2 pm to 5 pm. Make the most of your summers with a bundle of fun activities including Art & Craft, Abascus, Strategy Games, Adventures, Clay and Pottery, Yoga, Music and much more.
Entrepreneurship Development Institute Kids Entrepreneurship Summer Boot Camp!
Kids Entrepreneurship Summer Boot Camp 2019 taps into the potential of young minds aged 6 to 14 years, giving them an opportunity to develop and test their Entrepreneurial skills through funfilled and engaging bundle of activities including Arts, Physical Activites, Mental Maths and much more. Starting from 17th of June 2019. There is an early bird discount offered till 6th May 2019 so hurry up and register your seat today!
The Learning Vista Summer Camp @ The Avenues Pre School!
Learning Vista @ The Avenues Pre- School, Karachi brings the most exciting Summer Camp 2019 with funfilled activities for kids of 5 years to 10 years! Register today to make this summer season productive and special for your child!
Camp for Champ Camp for Champ Summer Camp 2019!
Admissions are Open @ Camp for Champ Summer Camp 2019 session!. Enjoy the fun filled activities of Story Telling, Origimmi, Painiting, Planting, Mathematics, Islamic Learning, Creative Writing, Art of Conversation, Movie Day, Baking and much much more. The Summer Camp is spread over 2 months from 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm. Fees is Rs. 5000 per month. If you register for both the months, you will get a 10% discount. Siblings will also get a further10% discount. There are limited seats available. Register now!